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You are invited to a new series of regular meetings in Thessaloniki for the presentation and discussion of philosophical work in progress, normally of graduate/research level. Presentations and discussions take place in Greek and English, whatever seems suitable.

The meetings are open to a wide range of philosophical issues and approaches. We envisage academically serious and open minded engagement with philosophical matters and readyness for heated discussion and criticism. Anyone interested is welcome to participate and to suggest papers. While the main body of papers is expected to come from within the wider Thessaloniki area, visitors are very welcome.

Information about the meetings (and other philosophical events in town) is distributed via an e-mail list. If you want to receive occasional information or spread the news about an event you organised, please send a note to . Updates are also posted on the meeting's web site on:

We meet on Mondays, 19:30-21:00 every two weeks (see below) at the American College of Thessaloniki (ACT), Anatolia College, “New Building” (North Campus), 1st floor, Conference Room.

Programme Spring 2002

How to get there: From the main gate of Anatolia College (directions here), you follow the signs to ACT/North Campus, go down the stairs and cross the bridge into the "New Building". Go straight ahead into the faculty lounge, turn right sharply and the Conference Room is just ahead of you. Alternatively, turn left before the gate of Anatolia, go straight to the New Building of ACT, where you find the faculty lounge and conference room on the first floor.

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